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Lets support YOU

Below are a list of services I offer to support you in your preparation for birth as well as your postpartum journey. 

*For anyone experiencing an unplanned difficult pregnancy, please reach out for FREE doula services*

Prenatal + Postpartum

Meal Planning

This is for the mom who wants to nourish her body a little bit better but is unsure how to or doesn't have the time to make a meal plan. This includes a full meal plan including nourishing snacks with recipes that are easy to follow. For those in the Charlotte are, I can even do your grocery shopping for you. Starts at $25/week or $60/month.

Full Postpartum

Meal Service

This is a meal service that provides all the nourishment your body needs to recover from birth. I will do the grocery shopping and drop the fully prepared meals off so that your kitchen remains clean. Included is breakfast, lunch, dinner, 1 nourishing snack, bone broth and lactation tea. Feeds 4 but can be adjusted to feed more. Cost starts at $500/week plus the cost of groceries.

Partial Postpartum

Meal Service

Similar to the full postpartum meal service, but you will receive only nourishing meals for lunch and dinner. Cost starts at $200/week plus the cost of groceries. 

Birth Preparation Consult

This consult is perfect for the mom who may not want an in person doula but would like to prepare for birth mentally, physically and spiritually in the best way possible. We will focus on a mindset shift away from a fear based birth to a birth centered around trust in Christ as well as go over informed consent and potential medical interventions and their evidence based research. We will go over coping techniques for pain as well as an easy to understand physiological explanation of how your body was made to give birth. Starts at $150/hour

Postpartum Consult

Postpartum brings a flood of emotions and feelings and whether or not you had an easy birth or a difficult one, you may still need support to process everything that is happening as well as being encouraged that you are the best mom for your chld. We will process your birth as well as talk through challenges you may be experiencing caring for a newborn as well as discern whether help from another qualified professional is needed. I will also offer resources to help strengthen your prayer to enjoin your joys and sufferings to Christ. Starts at $100/hour

In - Person Doula Support

If you live in the Charlotte area, I am more than happy to attend your birth. This package includes 2 prenatal consults as well as a postpartum consult. You will have access to my library of resources and unlimited texting throughout your pregnancy and into postpartum. This is great for the mom that does not have a ton of support around her or the mom that is a little nervous about birth. I can also offer photography and videography services at an added fee. Starts at $750.

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